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Your one stop solution for industrial electronic repair
We have extensive experience in repairing electronic semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
It include thermal processing, plasma processing, ion implantation, microlithography,
robots, test systems and more.

Examples of equipment we repair:

Wafer scribe readers, OCR, vision processors: Cognex, Acumen, Matrox.

Various PC boards, controllers made by Applied Materials, Novellus, LAM Research, FSI,
KLA-Tencor, TEL, Nanometrics, Varian and more.

Servo drives, controllers made by Adept, Trust Automation, Whedco, Yaskawa, etc.

Vacuum gauge, Pressure controllers, Turbo Pump controllers: Alcatel, Leybold, VAT, Tylan,
MKS, Varian, Ebara, Gasonics.

RF generators, power supplies for magnetron: Advanced Energy, ENI, Comdel, RFPP, Daihen,
Electrotech, Astex, ETO

Operator panels (displays), power supplies and more.

To see brand names and their part numbers please visit our repair catalog.
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