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Q. How can you quote before you know what exactly the problem is?
A. We quote on a fixed-price basis. The price is mainly based on complexity of the unit and includes
    not only replacing of the defected part. We perform complex testing of the unit, replacing
    age-affected parts. Moreover, this way you can make economical decision quickly.

Q. I mistakenly sent you a properly working unit. Will I have to pay for it?
A. We treat every item we receive in our laboratory as defected. In case we have a working unit,
    it takes even more time to realize that, than to repair actually a defected one; think about it.
    Therefore, you will have to pay for it as for repair, according to your order.
    It is your responsibility to ensure that the item you send us is really defected.
    If you are not sure, contact us and we will try to help you to pinpoint the problem.

Q. Do you perform on-site electronic repair?
A. We provide quality repair to our customers, and it can be done only in laboratory conditions.
    Our professionals can visit your manufacture / plant in order to identify a defected unit and take
    it to our laboratory for repair. For quotation for this service, please contact us.
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