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Your one stop solution for industrial electronic repair
How it works:

You have a faulty electronic unit / PC board / system and would like to repair it.

Here is the workflow:

1. You contact us.

     Please provide part / model number, manufacturer and as much information as you can: nature of the
     problem ( constant or intermittent ), number of alarm or error (if applicable).

     If you do not have any support information and the unit just "doesn't work"- it is OK, we can repair it.

     We are able to repair electronics even without schematic diagram, although having technical details
     about the problem would help us in the repair process and you could receive your item back earlier.

     Regular repair turnaround usually does not go beyond two business weeks; in most cases it is shorter.
     Rush repairs are done within 72 hours and cost 20% more than regular repair.
     Please notify us if you need rush repair.

2. Quotation

     We quote on a fixed-price basis.  Our prices are competitive compared to other repair / replace option
     and do not exceed 50% of the price for a identical new item in case of regular repair.

     Decisions on whether we need your item for price evaluation or not are made on a case-by-case basis.
     The evaluation is always free of charge. You pay only for successful repair.
     In case you decide not to repair, your item will be returned without any charge except shipping, if applicable.

     If your item is listed in our repair catalog, you will receive the repair quotation without sending it to us.
3.  Repair process

     We begin to repair your item after receiving an appropriate order.

     Our repair process involves not only replacing the defective part but comprehensive analysis of the problem
     in order to prevent problems in the future. In some cases (for example, the same defect appears repeatedly),
     we make schematic improvements. 

     There are two main reasons for malfunction in electronic equipment:

      1.  Aging. It is an internal problem of the electronic unit. In this case we replace all affected parts with new
           ones, bringing the unit to "like-new" condition. Such renewal ensures years of trouble-free operation.

      2.  On-site failure. It can be, for instance, trouble with the manufacturer's electrical system or some mechanical
           failure that led to malfunction in the electronic unit.

      After the repair process is completed, we will inform you about the possible cause of the malfunction.

      If we suspect on-site trouble, we will advise you immediately.

4.  Shipping back and billing

      You chose the way your item will be shipped back, on your account.

      You are billed after successful repair only, according to your order.

      We offer 6 months limited warranty on all items. The warranty is on entire unit/system.
      See warranty policy for details.
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